Our Philosophy

Perpetuate the tradition

The House of Cognac Héritier is much more than just a cognac house. From the excellence of distilling the most prestigious spirit, to the art of the goldsmith’s craftsmanship and the greatness of the Emperor’s renown, Maison Héritier offers the perfect alchemy of its three worlds in its masterpiece.



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More Than Just Cognacs

Héritier offers innovative jewels in the world of cognac, perpetuating tradition in a unique way. Artworks combining beauty, craftsmanship, and excellence with a touch of magnitude…

For the first time, the universe and interest of the virtual marry with Napoleon and his love of cognac.

Thanks to the blockchain and its smart contract system, you can acquire one or more shares of a single piece combining history, art, and cognac.

Origin & Tradition


The respect for tradition and innovation are the guiding principles of the founder of Maison Héritier, reflecting the philosophy of Master Blender Jean-François Rault, a pioneer in the production of organic cognac for over 25 years at his historic distillery dating back to 1725. Organic brandies among the oldest in this craft, respecting nature.

From Past to the Future


Beyond perpetuating tradition, Maison de Cognac Héritier aims to innovate in the world of spirits. From the sublimation of the ”Liquor of the gods” (Victor Hugo) to transcending new consumption codes by adapting to the norms of the cognac world, blockchain, and urban environment.